Canned motor pump


Self Priming Pump

Suitable for pumping fluids from underground tank


Gas Sealed Slurry Pump

With inner mechanical seal and gas seal chamber,suitable for handling slurry fluid containing slurry concentration of which shall be no more than 30%wt


Back flushing Slurry Pump

Suitable for fluids with suspended solids of various kinds,particularly sludge and fibrous. A clean liquid must be injected to rotor chamber by an integrated metering pump



Share the same dream and faith for more than ten years - Commendation Congress for employees who have worked over ten years

In the afternoon of October 18, Hefei Xinhu Canned Pump Co., Ltd. awarded a group of old employees who have served for over 10 years and thanks for their long-term contributions. Shinhoo witnesses the mutual growth of all employees and pursue a bright future with Shinhoo together.


Shinhoo Canned pump international attack road

On July 28, 2022, more than 40 entrepreneurs and executives from various industries in China, led by the famous teachers of "Zhenghe Island", a deep learning community for well-known entrepreneurs in China, visited Xinhu. Through the case visit activity of "The Global Attack Road of Made in China Brands", they had interactive exchanges, ideas collision and links and cooperation.


Shinhoo Canned nuclear power equipment comprehensive thermal hydraulic test bench successfully passed the acceptance panel

On September 27, 2022, Hefei Shinhoo Canned Pump Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Nuclear Energy Equipment Test and Verification Center Co., Ltd. jointly organized the expert acceptance review meeting of "Comprehensive thermal hydraulic Test Bench for Nuclear Power Equipment" in Shanghai.