Shinhoo Canned pump international attack road

On July 28, 2022, more than 40 entrepreneurs and executives from various industries in China, led by the famous teachers of "Zhenghe Island", a deep learning community for well-known entrepreneurs in China, visited Xinhu. Through the case visit activity of "The Global Attack Road of Made in China Brands", they had interactive exchanges, ideas collision and links and cooperation.


During the site visit, the staff explained the product production process, inspection standards and quality control.


After the site visit, Xinhu Chairman Wang Guoliang explained to the island relatives Xinhu's development process, corporate culture, honorary achievements and overseas market attack process. In the shield pump industry in the high-end monopoly, low-end extrusion of the market environment, Xinhu how to focus on high-end high-end shield pump track, to achieve the international brand of large overtaking the course of corners.


Through independent research and development, Xinhu has participated in the formulation of a number of international, national, industrial and group standards, and has developed safety and leak-free shield pumps for major national projects such as aerospace, nuclear industry, petrochemical, high-speed locomotive, naval vessel, and new energy vehicles, serving the launch mission of the "Long March" series of rockets, and assisting the national Chang 'e 5, Tianwen 1 and other space exploration projects. Become a well-known shield pump research and development manufacturer.

Under the background of advocating "carbon peak · carbon neutrality" at home and abroad, Xinhu takes the opportunity to constantly explore the development of new products in the field of new energy by relying on the long-term accumulation of independent research and development ability.


In 2017, it opened up the liquid cooling pump circuit for new energy vehicles, filled the technical gap of hydrogen fuel cell high-pressure liquid cooling pump in China, and expanded the market by virtue of its leading technical advantages, becoming a famous liquid cooling pump supplier in China.


Mr. Li Kai, a bachelor and master of Engineering from Tsinghua University and a pioneer in the field of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet, tailor-made intelligent/digital upgrading program for Chinese manufacturing industry, promoted the intelligent upgrading of Chinese traditional manufacturing enterprises, realized the comprehensive improvement of production and operation management ability, and created a foundation for the competitiveness of manufacturing industry facing the future.


In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the case visit activity of Zhenghe Island officially came to an end. This activity, thanks to Zhenghe Island teacher Li Kai, Shi Ship overall support, island relatives absorb dry goods, link resources, harvest full. Under the role of the social environment, how to choose and succeed in the curve overtaking, the island parents contact their own enterprise thinking. Believe that with the right people, good things will happen naturally!


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