Hardcore sure! Shinhoo Canned successfully entered the list of "Qualified Suppliers of China National Nuclear Group"

Recently, Shinhoo Canned successfully passed the supplier qualification inspection and evaluation of China National Nuclear Corporation and successfully obtained the Qualified Supplier certificate of China National Nuclear Corporation. This is an affirmation of Shinhoo comprehensive strength in technology, products and services, a major breakthrough in the application of Xinhu's products in the field of nuclear power, and of great significance for the further development of Shinhoo in the field of high-end manufacturing.


The qualified supplier evaluation agency of China National Nuclear Group has investigated and reviewed the quality of Shinhoo's products and services, technology research and development, quality assurance capability, business capability and other aspects. It believes that the R&D process ofShinhoo's products is safe and controllable, the product performance is superior, and the service system is perfect, which can meet the related needs of the nuclear power field. After the approval, Shinhoo is approved by the Supplier Evaluation Committee of China National Nuclear Group to be a qualified supplier of China National Nuclear Group, with the qualification to provide related products and services to the headquarters of China National Nuclear Group and its subsidiaries.


It is reported that China National Nuclear Industry Group Co., Ltd. is an important state-owned backbone enterprise established with the approval of The State Council and under the direct management of the central government. It is the main body of the national nuclear science and technology industry, the backbone of nuclear energy development and construction, and the backbone of nuclear technology application. It has a complete nuclear science and technology industry system and shoulders the dual historical missions of national defense construction and national economic and social development.

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